Overview Posters


No less than 140 posters will be presented every day throughout the entire city. 

The Nano Basketball, Nano Alley, Nano Park and Nano Metro areas will be filled with enthousiastic researchers presenting their poster. They will cover all the central themes of NanoCity and NanoNextNL, for instance Beyond Moore, Food, Clean Water or Nanoinstrumentation.

Poster pitches & awards

During both NanoCity days, a jury will award the three posters with most valorisation potential with a price. The best poster wins 1000 euros, the second and third place will be awarded 750 and 500 euros respectively. Besides valorisation potential the jury will also take into account the scientific quality and risk analysis and technology assesment; i.e. the extent to which safety and society are embedded in your research.

After the jury has selected the three best posters of the day, the nominees will be asked to pitch their poster in the Speakers Corner. After the pitch, the audience will decide who wins the highest price and may update his or her resumé.

The poster pitches take place on Monday at 17.30 and Tuesday at 15.30 in the Speakers Corner in Nano Metro.



Posters Monday

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Posters Tuesday

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