Programme complete

Jun 15, 2016

The programme of NanoCity 2016 is complete. Learn more about NanoCity's keynotes from internationally leading nanoscientists as Jan Van Houdt (Imec) and Mark Welland (University of Cambridge). NanoCity has a great deal to offer: take a look at the invited speakers and orals. Find out about the complete NanoCity 2016 programme and the NanoCity 2016 demonstrators. Register now for NanoCity 2016 and pay only 75 euro. The national event on nanotechnology will take place on 21 June in EYE, Amsterdam.

Most promising nano related research areas

NanoCity 2016 is the succesfull follow-up to the 2014 and 2015 events. This third and final edition coincides with the completion of the NanoNextNL innovation programme this year. Enjoy world-class keynote speeches, informative talks and inspiring posters, covering the most promising nano related research areas. Don't miss out on the chance to vote for your favourite poster on 21 June in EYE, Amsterdam. Meet old and new connections and let's go beyond in a future-ready atmosphere, while enjoying innovative drinks & bites. Don't miss the biggest buzz around the tiniest parts, be part of it.

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