Muharrem Bayraktar, Industrial Focus Group XUV Optics

FC Spectrometer

Flying Circus Spectrometer for characterization of EUV light sources from UV to soft x-ray wavelengths

We present a compact and industry-compatible spectrometer for comprehensive diagnosis of Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) and other short-wavelength light sources. Such diagnosis allows critical optimization of such sources for producing higher EUV powers and lower undesired radiation towards achieving a higher chip production in EUV lithography processes. We foresee this spectrometer becoming a part of advanced EUV scanners, to be sold worldwide. Our unique high resolution transmission grating design enables straightforward alignment, compactness and coverage of the broadest spectrum (soft x-rays, EUV, vacuum UV and UV wavelengths, i.e. 1 nm to 400 nm) compared to other spectrometers. We have scheduled an upgrade of our demonstrator model to a fully commercial device.

NanoCity 2016
NanoCity 2016
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