Meike van der Zande, RIKILT

Title: Human gut-on-a-chip as a model for bioavailability and biotransformation studies
Session: 11:30


"Gut-on-a-chip" concepts offer an interesting perspective for bioavailability and biotransformation studies. In this study we developed a gut-on-a-chip model based on Caco-2 intestinal cells. As the dynamic microenvironment in the chip has previously been described to highly influence cellular behaviour we extensively characterised this model versus a static Transwell® Caco-2 model. Confocal microscopy analysis indicated that both proliferation and differentiation time was increased in the chip versus the Transwell. Differentiation also appeared to be more pronounced. Translocation and metabolic properties were measured using hrGC-MS and qPCR after exposure to a mixture of 17 dioxin congeners. Results showed similar translocation and metabolic activity profiles between the chip and Transwell, but the percentage of translocation was ~5x lower in the chip. In summary, the dynamic microenvironment in our gut-on-a-chip model influences growth, differentiation, and the translocation properties of intestinal Caco-2 cells, showing great promise for kinetic bioavailability studies in the future.


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