Kelly Muijlwijk, WUR

Title: Microfluidics to study emulsifier adsorption and emulsion stability
Session: 11:30


To understand droplet formation and stabilisation, technologies are needed that combine micrometer length and millisecond time scales. Microfluidics are used to bridge this gap, and the present work shows that droplet formation and stability in food emulsions can be investigated in close detail.

Dynamic interfacial tension during droplet formation was measured in the millisecond range with a microfluidic Y-junction. This method allows exploration of surfactant behaviour at the oil-water interface, which is not possible through other techniques at this short time scale. Emulsion stability under flow was measured with a microfluidic coalescence channel.

We discuss underlying principles of these microfluidic methods and their potential for the food industry, which we believe to be very versatile, since flow conditions during production and storage can both be covered. Through this, we give evidence that microfluidic investigations can add greatly to the knowledge needed for rational design of large scale emulsion production.


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