Karl Boche, Imina Technologies SA

Robotics Nano-positioner for manipulation and electrical probing under Electron Microscope

Imina Technologies SA is a Swiss manufacturer of robotic solutions for electron and light microscopes. Built on a novel motion technology, our robots combine scalable resolution of positioning, unprecedented ease-of-use and a high degree of integration with third party instruments. Probe tips, optical fibers, grippers, and pipettes are typical tools that can be mounted on the robots, extending their usage to a variety of fields of applications.

The demonstrator presented at NanoCity 2016 is a turnkey solution for SEM nanoprobing. It is specifically designed for low power electrical measurements and allows the operator to independently orient and position probes in-situ over millimeters with nanometer resolution. Typical applications for that system are nanomanipulations, resistivity measurements (I-V), transistor characterizations, and failure analysis techniques (EBIC / EBAC) for the localization of fabrication defects in microelectronic devices.

NanoCity 2016
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