Joris Quik, RIVM

Title: Novel environmental exposure assessment model for nanoparticles: a first step in Risk Assessment!
Session: 10:30


In order to sustain the development of nanomaterials by industry, a robust risk assessment framework is needed. A screening level environmental exposure model is one of the first steps of such a framework currently in place in Europe and the United Sates, but this needs adaptation for use with nanomaterials. We incorporated the SimpleBox4nano model definition into the Simplebox model currently implemented in EUSES as part of REACH. The capabilities of this model are illustrated by estimating the steady state environmental exposure concentrations for TiO2, Ag and C60 nanoparticles using an uncertainty analysis. The most important parameters explaining the variation in environmental concentrations are the attachment rates of nanoparticles to aerosols, colloids and soil particulates as well as the dissolution rate. A time dynamic analysis suggests that further simplification of the model might be feasible for regulatory purposes. Such adaptations will be implemented in the next version of SimpleBox.


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