Jinfeng Peng, WUR

Title: Mixed gels prepared from cellulose microfibrils and whey protein isolate
Session: 11:15


Protein and polysaccharide are the two main components in foods, which contributes to the structure, texture and stability of the foods. Interactions between protein and polysaccharide can be varied under different conditions. In this study, we investigated the mixed gel prepared from cellulose microfibrils and whey protein isolate (WPI) at neutral pH upon heating. We investigated their rheology, microstructure and mechanical properties. Results showed that the mixture of cellulose microfibrils and WPI forms a bicontinuous gel. The gelation of WPI is not influenced by the presence of cellulose microfibrils, and the addition of cellulose microfibrils leads to an increase of the storage modulus and enhancement of the stiffness and brittleness of the gel. Understanding the interactions between WPI and cellulose microfibrils under different conditions will aid the design of novel structures in foods.

This research is supported by NanoNextNL of the Government of the Netherlands and 130 partners.


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