Inés Beekers, Mimetas

Title: Acoustic characterization of a novel microfluidics system for in vitro ultrasound-mediated drug delivery
Session: 11:00


Ultrasound insonification of microbubbles can be used to locally increase endothelial cell membrane permeability, i.e. sonoporation. To study the underlying mechanisms with an ideal in vitro endothelial cell model we propose using the elaborate microfluidic channel structure of the OrganoPlate™ (Mimetas BV). However, as the OrganoPlate™ has never been used for studies involving ultrasound, the acoustic transmission through the microchannels needs to be characterized. The acoustic pressure propagation through an OrganoPlate™ was modeled with a finite element tool (PZFlex) and was experimentally verified with hydrophone measurements. Next, fluorescently labeled microbubbles with a C4F10 gas core and a DSPC based shell were successfully introduced in the OrganoPlate™. The model revealed an homogenous pressure and frequency transmission in 400 μm wide channels, demonstrating the potential of an OrganoPlate™ to create an ideal in vitro microfluidics model for studying ultrasound-mediated drug delivery.


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