Gert Jan van Baarle, Leiden Spin Imaging

SEM NanoManipulator

The SEM NanoManipulator was developed with the goal to allow scientists to mount very delicate nanostructures onto scanning probe tips. It was for instance used to mount very small nano-magnet at the end of a nano-tube. The system fits nicely on a SEM sample stage. The manipulator consists of two XYZ stages: one stage for large range control (3mm), and one for sub-nm accurate control over a 10 micron range. Special care has been taken to make the manipulator stages very stiff and working with zero backlash, such that vibrations during the actuation of the XYZ stages are not leading to crashes of the two objects that are manipulated towards each other. A joy-stick user interface provides for a very intuitive control enhancing the workflow of the operator further. Electrical contacts on both stages allow for electrical measurements and/or actuation of the samples during the manipulation.

NanoCity 2016

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