Eric Johlin, AMOLF

Title: Super-Resolution Imaging of Light-Matter Interactions in Single Nanowires
Session: 15:30


The strong optical absorption (often characterized as an extended absorption cross-section) and well-established fabrication of semi-conductor nanowires has led to wide interest and significant performance achievements for applications of both photovoltaics and photodetection. However, current techniques of measuring the light-matter interactions of these materials have relied on focused beams (suffering from diffraction limited resolution), complex near-field imaging methods (which always has some potential for interaction with the system being measured), or electron-based excitation (inherently only probing a single optical state component). In this work we investigate the use of a novel form of super-resolution photo-activated localization microscopy to measure interactions between single dipole emitters and silicon nanowires with resolution on the order of 10 nanometers. We perform 1- and 2-dimensional mappings of optical interactions, and demonstrate the use of analytical calculations to deconvolve the multiple phenomena observed in our experimental measurements.


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