3D Nanostructuring and metrology

Successive generations of industrial products increasingly contain 3D functional and structural engineered building blocks with relevant dimensions at the nanometre level. These nanostructures with decreased feature sizes, resulting in increased geometrical complexity and increasingly complicated physical/chemical behaviour are designed, fabricated and characterised. This topic focusses on the development of new methods and instrumentation to manufacture and characterise next generations of 3D nanostructures with critical feature sizes less than 100 nm. Research in this topic is primarily focussed on control and experimental validation of location, size distribution, 3D individual shape and chemical/physical properties.

Modelling for functional and structural performance prediction as well as design for safe use in a circular economy are included as essential boundary conditions. Applications can be found in many industrial domains such as nano-electronics, catalysis, material science, life science and health, sustainable energy etcetera. 

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